TRICOXIL Anti-hair loss Lotion 50ml

TRICOXIL is an anti-hair loss lotion from KOSEI, designed to combat hair loss by 60.67% after three months of use. TRICOXIL will increase both the number and thickness of hair, strengthen it and promote its growth.

Instructions for use: To achieve the expected results after three months of treatment, apply TRICOXIL to the dry scalp before going to sleep and perform a gentle massage until completely absorbed. If you have long hair, apply it to the affected area by making strokes with a comb while using the dropper to apply the product.

It is important to continue treatment with TRICOXIL for at least three months and for best results it is recommended to combine this anti-hair loss lotion with the TRICOXIL anti-loss shampoo, which will reduce hair loss and improve density, and TRICOXIL capsules, the ideal nutritional supplement to reveal stronger and shinier hair.

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